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You’ve Got Questions — I’ve Got Answers

How Do I Order Graphics?

There are a few ways that you can place an order for graphics.

1) Give us a call at 317-966-5555 and speak to our Professionals about your Project.

2) Send an Email to Spider Graphix at (Use This Email Address if you have attachments.)

3) Go to "Contact" and send your request to order.

What Information Do I need  To Provide When Ordering?

We'll need to know the following:  Name, Address (and Shipping Address if different), Telephone Number, Email Address, Project Name and When You Need Your Project Completed.

How long does an average project take?

Since each project is different it depends on the following things:  The size the project; How soon your deadline is; the time of the year (Busy Season for Motorsports Graphics is December through May); and The proofing process (How quickly you respond once a proof is sent).  Every Client project matters to us and communication is the key to every successful relationship.

What Should I Do If I've Sent An Email and Haven't Received a Response?

There are times when emails go to our Spam.  Please give us a call at 317-996-5555 to advise you have not received a response and we'll hop right on it and look into it.  Your business is important to us!

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

Cash, Check or Credit Card are the forms of payment we accept.  Currently we do not accept payments through Paypal.

When Ordering Do I Need to Make a Down-Payment?

Yes.  We always take down-payments when the Order is placed.  This gets you in line so that when the orders placed before you are complete you're next.  The down-payment helps to pay the designers once they begin your project.  We don't ask for the rest of the project to be paid in full until you've approved our proof and we're ready to print and ship.

What's the Best Way to Install Motorsports Graphics?

The best way is to have SPIDER GRAPHIX install your motorsports graphics for you. We can install your graphics at our shop or at the track!  Give us a call to set up an appointment at 317-996-5555.


Or you can do the steps as follows:  

ITEMS YOU NEED:  Clean Rag, Goof Off (Or use Spider Graphix Product: Spider Spit), Denatured Alcohol (Or use Spider Graphix Product: Spider Gutts).

Step 1:  Remove Old Graphics

Step 2:  Use Goof Off (or Spider Graphix Product: Spider Spit) to remove all remaining old sticker glue

Step 3: Wash your Surface with water, Use your Clean Rag and Dry Completely.

Step 4: Use Denatured Alcohol (Or Spider Graphix Product: Spider Gutts) on the surface.

Step 5: Begin applying graphics.  Use the hair dryer (do not hold it so close to graphics that you melt them) to heat the graphics up to seal them better to the plastic surface.

Good Luck!  Call us at 317-831-5555 if you have Questions.

When is The Best Time To Order Motorsports Graphics?

For those of You that race ATVs, Dirt Bikes, UTVs and Side-by-Sides the best time to order motorsports graphics prior to the Race Season starting is December.  We understand that most of you are starting builds and not sure who all of your sponsors are going to be.  However, place your order early to get your design started and we can wait until you've acquired all of your Sponsors for the season to begin placing them within the design.

WARNING:  Don't wait to Order Your Graphics for the Upcoming Season!  With Custom graphics it takes longer to design.

Where Can You Ship To?

SPIDER GRAPHIX ships all throughout the United States and Worldwide! 


Remember if you are Ordering from outside of the United States we've learned that we can get our product to your Country fairly quickly.  However, the time it takes to get to you, once its arrived in your Country, depends on Customs.

I Love Spider Graphix!  How do I Receive a Sponsorship?

You've seen our graphics and love the designs and how durable they are and want some too?  Great!  We work hard to custom design a product that stands out!  We also have found a combination of products that are durable and stick!!


How do You receive a Sponsorhip?  Simply submit your Racer Resume to Us between September 15th and December 15th!  See the "Sponsorship" button above?  Click that and submit.  OR you can email us at

The information that we like to see:  Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, How long you've been racing, what Race Series you race, how often you intend to racer through the year, what you ride, how you have finished in the past and any awards you have received.  Tell us any pertinent information you feel is important for us to consider.


For racers under the age of 18 and still in school we need to know what grade you are in and how are your grades. 

Call us at 317-996-5555 if you have questions.

How Well Do Your Graphic Kits Stick to Dirt Bike and ATV Plastic and How Long Do They Last?

Great Question! Those two questions are the very reason why we got into the graphics business.  Racers using Company "X" graphics would say that their graphics wouldn't stick and after one race they would look worn.  The problem? Company "X" didn't have the right combination of vinyl or laminate causing Racers to just throw money down the drain.  Thus, we worked with the designers and material companies to find the perfect combination.  

How do We know we found the right combination? We've had Zero Complaints about how well the graphics stick or look.  Obviously there can be wear on the graphics caused by placement of knees (knee braces) or where the boots rub. That would be considered normal wear. 

How long do the graphics last? We've seen the proof that graphics can last a long time with the right care when washing with power washers (keep them at a safe distance away from the graphics) or when the graphics are improperly installed.  

I have an Oversized Tank and After Market Plastics.  Do I need to tell Spider Graphix when I order?

Yes! This way the Designers know what template to use for the over-sized tank or after market plastics.

I approved my graphics design and now I see something that needs changed.  What do I do?

It's always best to look at proofs on a Computer prior to approving.  When you look at proofs on your cell phone the design is too small to see everything perfectly.

When you notice something that needs changed within the design call Spider Graphix immediately at 317-996-5555.  Do Not send an email.  Sending an email could cause further delay.  Call.

We can only hope that you found something that needed changed prior to it being printed.  In that case its an easy fix.  However, if your graphics have already been printed we have a problem that needs solved.  We cannot simply print another set of graphics at no charge.  

When you approve a proof and graphics have been printed you will need to pay for the pieces of graphics that need the changes to it.  Of course we will print changes at no charge if we find that we are in error.

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