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Spider Graphix Established in 2009

Spider Graphix was established in 2009. At the time the owners (Rodney & Stephanie Parks) also had a motorsports shop that catered to local clientele and atv/dirt bike cross country racers. Often times the the racers would mention that they had "waited almost a year to get graphics" or "the graphics don't stick good" or "one race and the graphics are done and I need new." The owners listened to the racers and saw the need for another graphics company, in Indiana. Thus, the graphics business was begun in a 12'x18' room with a designer, printer, computer and laminator.

The business continued to grow and in 2011 Austin Parks was hired as the Manager and lead designer. If you know Austin you also know that he's a fairly quiet person. The graphics world brought him out of his shell and he found an outlet for his creative side and has a passion for what he creates for Clients.

After 9 years, in business, Spider Graphix has grown by leaps and bounds to become a Company that has made its mark in the motorsports world sponsoring top motorsports racers in the United States and all around the World.

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