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How to get Sponsored

You see all of these racers out there with logos all over their quads and dirtbikes, you want to get your feet wet in the sponsorship program? Let's go through a few things that we highly suggest when wanting to move from paying full retail for all of the products you buy, to getting a discounted rate in just a few easy steps.

Promote yourself

Sponsors want to see social media posts, race reports, and emails with high quality photos of your machine. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Sponsors like ourselves stay on the lookout for who is tagging us with consistent posts and emailing quality pictures.

Trick of the trade

Sponsorship is a 2 way street, you might receive your discount code and order your parts, but in return you need to do your part in promoting the sponsor with what their requirements are. Some companies may only want their logo on your machine 4 times, but we want to see social media posts, products ordered, and the looked past thing, quality pictures. Spend a few dollars on those pictures and email that good photo to your sponsors so they can in return, post it on their social medias. Let your sponsors help you out with promoting you. It starts with the sponsored racer doing their part though ( aka YOU! ) Odds are, the amount you spend in quality pictures is going to come full circle with larger discounts the following year. Think about what the company does that sponsors you. Example; We aren't just a graphics kit company for quads and dirtbikes. We wrap vehicles for personal or commercial use, custom awards, decals, signage, logo design, custom pop ups/flags etc etc. Use that sponsor, and watch the relationship grow.

A Proper Resume

At the end of the year, when all results are final, have a professional resume designed up by someone that knows what they are doing ( like us ). We know what the sponsors want to see, which is key points, quality pictures, and an easy to read resume will gain you discounts in itself.

Wrap up

Keep working hard and master this craft, and in the end, you will start recieving free products. Easy as that! It may take years, but the hard work will pay off. If you are one of our sponsored racers, follow what we suggest above and make a name for yourself here at SG, watch the discounts grow!

Best of luck in the 2024 season

- SG crew

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