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Promote your sponsors properly

Getting sponsored is a big deal, have you read your sponsorship contracts? Sponsors ask for a lot of requirements if you want to be sponsored, or continue to be. Let's break down how to properly promote your sponsors

Step 1 - Choose a graphics company that knows your best interest in mind. Here at SG, we have over 20 years of racing experience and we not only know how to display your sponsor logos how they would like, but we also know where to put their logos so you can be in their contingency programs. If a company distorts your sponsor logo, your sponsor isn't going to like that. You might of saved a few dollars on cheaper graphics, but lost your deal for the following year, or weren't even available to be in their contingency program to make more money.

Step 2 - Read that contract, do as they ask. If you do this, you will have a much better chance at getting a better deal the following year!

Step 3 - A race report is crucial after each race, tag those sponsors in your results, but a single out sponsor post means much more than results. Make a post talking about how great a sponsor is with pictures or videos of their products. They can share this post, and both parties get exposure and what they wanted out of the deal.

The grey area - Monotone kits are a huge hit right now. Yes it looks cool, but does your sponsor like their logos colors being changed? Key to this style kit is making sure it is readable still like the following pictures. Just something to think about.

What your sponsors might not want see. Just food for thought.

We will make whatever kit you want us to! Just giving some pointers on what sponsors might like to see, or might not like to see. Like this blob? Share it and let us know!


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